In short

I intend to re-create recipes from the culinary delights I taste in and around London…

But a bit more than that

In London there are hundreds of places that serve up fantastic grub, from top Michelin starred restaurants to small market stands. I visit them and enjoy them regularly and whether you do or not, I’m going to tell you about it.

I hope to share with you my culinary trail in creating recipes inspired from what I have eaten, and make them into simple easy to cook recipes for you all to enjoy…. Along with a sprinkling of my own creations too naturally!

A bit about me

Born into a world where most of the vegetables eaten were grown in the garden, where jams and pizzas were made from scratch, I had no escape from the wonderful world of delicious food, thus I embraced it.

Now it still takes over my life; food photography, food styling, and general playing around in the kitchen, and mainly because my friends were getting a bit bored of me constantly yakking on about food (although the practical part of cooking they don’t seem to mind) I thought id share my thoughts with those who are interested.

Why Gooey Cheese?

I like cheese. The simplicity of heating it slightly allowing it to be ‘gooey’ not only improves the texture, but also makes it taste so much better. This is because you pick up more of the flavour molecules in you mouth when it is in its molten form. Now just there was a snippet of the food scientist in me coming out, I apologise but that may happen again…!


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  1. Dear Keeley,
    I hope you are well.
    We met briefly at the bloggers event in September, organised by Katrina Alloway at cucina caldesi, marylebone, for Discover the Origin.

    I just wondered whether you could give me your full name please for future reference and to pop you on our invite list to other events.

    Look forward to hearing from you,
    Best wishes,

  2. hi. really enjoying your posts. I was looking for a pork pibil recipe and found one thanks to you. It turned out great inspite of not having one of the key ingredients. anyway I put a link on my blog to yours with due credit. will continue to enjoy your great recipes. thanks a bunch. Rami

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