Vegetarians eating chicken hearts.. are you ‘Taking the Peas?!’… a night to remember at Leluu and Blyde’s


The supper club fad has been around for a couple of years now and with our economy not showing any indication of improving I feel that more and more homes are being secretly turned into restaurants by night to support the popular demand to eat out at affordable prices.

But a supper club supper is about more than just an affordable meal, you’re seated in somebody’s living room-come dining room, at a table with interesting people to talk to, plenty of booze cos you take it yourself, and each dish is served with pride and a sense of affection. With absolute zilch sign of the commercial world we live in and mass produced chain restaurant food, you relate to your hosts and feel their energy and enthusiasm of wanting to please their guests.At least that was how I experienced my first supper club at Leluu & Blyde’s. My dinner partner Keeley and I were warmly greeted out of the typical British drizzle and invited into the delicious smelling house softly lit up by the ambiance of gentle music and warm candles. Once our coats and wine was looked after, Uyen (Leluu) made the effort of introducing all her guests to each other and whether this was the plan or not it naturally led the way of choosing like-minded people who you wanted to sit at a table with.

To enable conversation to flow more freely, we were given a tomato consommé with a twist, laced with vodka and basil it was both flavoursome and exciting.
This was nicely followed by ‘Sea Petal’ a delicious oyster, complimented with a delicate jelly of nettle, seaweed and sesame.

Uyen then showed hertrue Vietnamese colours with ‘Barking Parcels’ this delicious dog fish (although I believe it may have been a different type of fish) wontons, with ricotta, sage and a very tasty shrimp oil.

Next to follow was one of the table’s favourite ‘Taking the Peas’, a really fresh pea and pea shoot soup subtly seasoned with mint, a drizzle of a very nice olive oil and amazing crunchy white truffle croutons. It’s one of my pet hates when croutons go soggy…but these croutons were perfect and they never succumbed to the pressures of soup wetness.Next up we were able to enjoy the truffle infused ciabatta once again in the form of crostini. This was to accompany the beautifully flavoursome steak tartare. Varying cuts of meat were used to give wonderful contrasting textures, along with a gentle aromatic flavor of rosemary and the gooey yolk of a quails egg this was a superb course.

We were then served our ‘snow white risotto’ a very tasty, creamy and delicate risotto of fennel, squid and black autumn truffles, served with sweet onion dust.

‘Chickens have loved’ I have never eaten chicken hearts before and I was pleasantly surprised by these little squidgy nuggets of meat. Marinated in teriyaki, ginger and caramel they had a sweet and savoury flavour and were surprisingly popular with the vegetarians on our table!

Next to come in my mind was quite rightly the star of the evening, roasted quail infused with the delicate flavour of rose water, succulently cooked to perfection and served on a bed of julienne parsnips and a scattering of the vibrant jeweled pomegranate seeds. The humour of the miniature rose fastened to the derriere of the bird showed the playful lightheartedness of the evening, but the gentle scented flavour complimenting the soft delicate flesh of the bird took this dish to a level of sophistication.

I have to admit that I hadn’t remembered half of the courses that had been on the on-line list when Keeley and I had signed up for supper at Leluu & Blyde’s, and by the time we had received the quail I was on my way to feeling pretty full. So the next course which was a light and refreshing cucumber and fennel water was a breath of fresh air. Before the very tasty finale of clementine glazed pancakes with violet cream.What I loved about the supper club night with Leluu & B
lyde was the care and attention given to their diners, the beautiful mish mash of vintage china, and the respectful announcement of every dish, educating the diner of what was in front of them. Keeley and I were sat at a table with two very definite vegetarians or at least they were at the start of the evening, yet somehow through the course of the evening they emerged from the night, chicken heart chewing, quail bone gnawing, meat eaters, I think that sums up the excitement of the night and the quality of the food emerging from Leluu & Blyde’s kitchen!

We had a wicked evening, a fantastic introduction to the supper club world, and definitely not my last!


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  1. Discovered your blog this afternoon after googling for a lamb breast recipe – it’s currently in the oven and smells delicious – and have adored reading it. You haven’t posted for a while though, hope you haven’t stopped! I’ll let you know how the lamb turns out 🙂


    • Hey there, how was the lamb?? Glad you’re enjoying reading the blog, I haven’t stopped it… just working on something new at the moment, a supper club (pop up restaurant) that my friend Keeley Howarth and I are putting on in London. There’s more info in this blog if you’re interested in finding out more.

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