The Langley, Covent Garden


Do some restaurants -before they even design the layout of the dining room- intend that the food they will serve will be below average? Surely it’s at the forefront of every restaurateur’s mind, to serve good food?? Apparently not. I visited The Langley, for I must admit a really fun night out with friends, but I never would have chosen the destination for its quality food.

The food was below average, but the place was quite a good venue for evening entertainment. Not that the suited workmen dancing like David Brent to girls aloud alongside stilettoed pouty women on a sticky dancefloor, a scene resembling somewhat like a school disco for 25+, was intended to entertain, but following the mild judder of discomfort it gave me, it did entertain.

So what did I eat?:

To start with I supposedly had ‘Mushroom in a Peppercorn Sauce, on toast ciabatta bread topped with melted blue cheese, served with wild rocket’. But what I really had was a soggy mass of slimy mushrooms and pre-manufactured peppercorn sauce on soggy bread, with the odd hint of blue cheese. Quite a good size though which I’l mark as a positive for £4.95


I then had ‘Langley Sticky Chilli Lamb Rump, served on sweet potato wedges and drizzled with coriander, mint & chilli yoghurt, because they had no Canadian lobster.

Which to my pleasant surprise wasn’t too bad, the lamb was rare as requested, the sweet potato wedges were good, and the sweet chilli marinade was subtle but present on the lamb. One negative, the lamb was quite sinewy so hard to chew, It also had a more mature taste which although was nice suggested that this lamb was nearer mutton.


Desert, from bad to worse in one clean swoop, the last thing I ate: ‘Naughty but Nice Profiteroles ice-cream filled choux pastry with Baileys and white & dark continental chocolate sauce’.

I sure hope that they weren’t paying a qualified chef to create this, an amalgamation of the pre-manufactured frozen profiteroles and sauces (not sure what advantage they feel they’re making to the dish by calling the sauce ‘continental’?) into a sundae glass, something that a 5 year old could whack together after mum had been to Iceland.


One thing that I haven’t mentioned yet is that the Langley is on the Taste London map, so if one is in possession of a card, you will cut the cost of your bill down by a much needed 50%, making the quality for the price vaguely tolerable.

Langley on Urbanspoon


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